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Welcome to the ECAC Website.

Thank you for visiting the ECAC website. The Committee decided to create this website for a number of reasons.

First, we see it as an expanding repository of information relating to the Elmcrest Campus. Here you will find historical data, photographs, maps and plans, information about previously approved development plans and alternate plans. We invite you to add to this repository and/or correct any mistakes you find here by first sending us a message via the "About ECAC/Contact" page.

We also view this website as a means to disseminate news regarding the Elmcrest Campus and its development moving forward. Revisit the website often as we will be updating the "News" page whenever there are updates to report.

Most important, the ECAC would like to hear from you! We want your comments, suggestions, and opinions about the Elmcrest Campus site - its history, your connection with and memories of Elmcrest, and your thoughts about its future development beneficial to our Town. Feel free to comment at the bottom of the Home page. And, if you would like to contribute a lengthier blog posting to this site (on any subject that relates to Elmcrest) we invite you to contact us via the "About ECAC/Contact" page.

Finally, I would like to thank a number of friends who inspired and helped to create this website; Gay Smith whose comment that there should be one place for people to access Elmcrest related information inspired me to launch this website, Elwin Guild and Claire Frisbie who have contributed important documentation, Malcolm Munkittrick who designed the website and who has tutored me on how it all works, and the ECAC members who had great ideas for its improvement. Lastly, thank you to First Selectwoman, Susan Bransfield, and our Town Planner, Deanna Rhodes for encouraging the ECAC to get organized and who have agreed to collaborate.

- Alain Munkittrick, ECAC Member


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