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Elmcrest Planning Group to Meet in March (and other updates)

A local steering committee, selected by the First Selectwoman and the Town Planner, will begin a series of meetings in March to guide the planning process for The Cecil Group of Boston. More details to follow, including HOW YOU CAN BE INVOLVED.

For a recent news article with background about these next steps, see this Hartford Courant article:

For information about The Cecil Group, see their website:

In the meantime, we have added some additional "Related Links" of interest. For updated information on the exciting developments related to the Air Line Trail in Portland, go to: (scroll down to article)

And, for excellent background information on the Italianate style of architecture, exemplified by the Erastus Brainerd House (on the Elmcrest site), check this out:

Finally, the above-referenced blog post also has a special post regarding the Brainerd House, including many photographs:

- Alain Munkittrick, ECAC Member

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