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Elmcrest and the Portland Plan of Conservation & Development

The Elmcrest campus question was definitely one of the things on many people's minds at the March 5th public workshop to solicit citizen's input on the 2016 Portland Plan of Conservatiuon & Development. The category of public interest called "Special" (or historic resources) was deemed by those present to be one of the top four areas of importance to be addressed by the new Plan. As this new Plan will be designed to guide actions - both public and private - for the next ten years, it is clear that the proper development of the Elmcrest site will be stressed in the new report to be drafted in the coming months.

While we have included a link to the 2006 Plan of Conservation & Develpment in out "Related Links" tab for some time, for convenience I include a quick link with this blog post (simply click it to download the 2006 Plan.) You will see that the Plan is filled with tons of data about Portland and the issues that (as of 2006) most concerned its citizens and planners. If you go to page 83, (Section 4, page 21) you see that development of the Elmcrest campus was singled out for action. Ten years later and we are at the same place! Below is a screen shot of that page.

For more information regarding the Plan's coverage of "Historic Resources," see page 45 (Section 3, page 21).

We will continue to update you (watch this space) as the 2016 Plan gets fleshed out.

- Alain Munkittrick

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